Personalized care from leaders in preventive medicine

At Executive Health Centre we promise to help you achieve peak health, and we have the science to prove we can do it. With a personalized health action plan from us, you will feel younger, have more energy, maintain a healthy weight, and stay mentally sharp and free of disease.

What sets us apart?

  1. We can prove our health programs are making a difference.
  2. East meets west, we are leaders in integrated health
  3. We test your telomeres.
  4. Our concierge service.

What we do: We build a customized health action plan to address your individual biology and goals. Our core preventive health programs form the basis of your unique health plan. We focus on the whole you as we work to protect you from damaging oxidation, glycation and inflammation and hormonal imbalance that can lead to premature ageing and disease.

Dr. Elaine Chin, Medical Director

Dr. Elaine Chin helps people take charge of their health to live a long and healthy life. She brings a high touch, personalized and preventative approach with leading edge testing, proven science, and a holistic health action plan to ensure everyone lives their lives healthier and longer.

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Experience healthcare that is proactive, preventative and personalized

Guaranteed, we’ll ask you questions no other doctors have asked, we’ll tell you the truth about your health, and what you need to do to improve it. Rest assured, we’ll be there, always, to help you on your way to peak health.

You’re invited to learn more about our Programs: Foundation, Telomere Performance, Weight Loss and Menopause Management, and how we personalize them to bring you the best healthcare available today. Contact Us.

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